We debate about women IPL, women NBA but I don’t get why men and women can’t play together. Why different teams?

The most common flabbergasted response I get is “women are genetically weak”

This doesn’t make sense. Let’s take cricket for example. You can’t win a match with mere strength. It is more about strategy, observation & teamwork.

But for a minute let’s assume they are right. If physical strength is the barrier then why aren’t 50% of umpires female?

The problem is not physical strength, it is the fear of change

I agree there are some hormonal differences between men and women, It will be unfair play if we apply the idea of equal representation in all sports. That is why we are not talking about sports as a whole, we are talking about games. There is a difference (Like running is not a game, no one says “let’s play running”)

There are certain games Men and Women can play side by side, I think Hockey is a great example. If not cricket

Which game do you think will be a fair play if men and women played it together?